16 January 2010

look at my new name tag!

for those of you who don't know, i recently became the store manager for Standard Optical in Murray! it's been a really fun adventure so far!

10 January 2010

The things I loved about our trip to Arizona.

It has been a long time since my last post. That is why I'm going to feed our fans some juicy details of our trip to AZ. Warning some of this material is not suitable for children. :)
- Kissing Becki in the airport
- Kissing Becki in the airplane
- Kissing Becki flying over the Grand Canyon
- Kissing Becki when we landed in Phoenix
- The warm wonderful weather of Arizona in the winter time. Yes, it was 70 degrees
everyday.... And yes it was wonderful.... And yes, we wish we could have stayed longer.
- Seeing my brother Ammon and his wife Jes an
d their wonderful little girl Emma. She is so cute!
- Walking around with no jacket or sweater because it was too hot in
January to wear one.
- Going on walks with everyone.
- Hearing the words :"kucky" and "dadu" from Emma every ten seconds.
- Going to the movies with Ammon
- Going to the Phoenix Art Museum
- Hiking part of Camel Back
-Going swimming and hot tubbing outside
- Laying on the grass reading a book

- Cooking food for everyone and having food cooked for us. Thanks Jes!
- Becki got to can chicken meat with Jes, some good girl bonding time. Nice!
- Kissing Becki flying home and holding her hand while she rests
- The best part was spending time with my wonderful wife and best friend Becki. I love you babe! Thanks for making this an adventure!

There is nothing in the world like going on an adventure with the people you love. And if you haven't done something lately we would recommend going to Arizona in the winter. Like they say Arizona is for lovers!