25 December 2013

Merry Christmas

My heart is full tonight as I think about this Holiday season. It has been one full of love, laughter and anticipation for future adventures. 

Just before Thanksgiving, Dallin was accepted to the University of Edinburgh for his Master's program and so we will be moving to Scotland next summer. We are excited for this adventure and the opportunity it will be for us to grow as a family and to share our beliefs with others. 

Our belief in the Gospel of Jesus Christ is what we celebrate this Christmas season as we remember the birth of a King, and the life of our Savior and Redeemer. We are so blessed to have this knowledge and the happiness it brings to our lives. 

(Baby Deaun as baby Jesus in the Robison nativity)

And even though I'm not a perfect mother, and I make mistakes, my family (extended, an especially immediate) is my greatest earthly possession, and it is because of the Gospel that I can be with them forever. 

I pray that no matter where or who you are, or what you believe, that tomorrow on Christmas, you may feel love, peace, and happiness. And may your new year be full of wonderful adventures and lots of laughter!

For more about what I believe, visit mormon.org or lds.org

19 December 2013

Letters to Santa

Christmas Crafts

Since Sabrina and Fiona are old enough this year to understand Christmas a bit more, Dallin and I really wanted to make the season special for them. We read a different Christmas story every day, we sing Christmas songs, and we have had some fun making Christmas crafts.

Construction paper Christmas trees:

Rudolph (Grandma Karen's idea):

Toilet paper roll snowmen:
(Fiona's is the one with the creepy red eyes!)

I have really enjoyed this Christmas season with my two little buddies and I can't wait for many more. 

05 November 2013

First Snow

Happy November! And happy first snow!

While Deaun was napping this morning, the twins and I pulled out their snow gear and snuck out of the house for some snow fun. 

They ate snow, made snow angels, ran around and played until their runny noses made us come in. 

07 August 2013

To the victor goes the spoils

And I'M the winner this year because I didn't kill my garden! Yay!

I don't know if I will even get enough produce out of these plants to make it worth what I spent on them, but I am oh so proud of the fact that they are still alive! Besides, with my basil plant that turned gargantuan on me, I probably made back all my costs with all the basil now sitting in my freezer (in the form of both leaves and homemade pesto)!

I now present my basil (sweet and Thai), jalapeƱos, okra, zucchini, and tomatoes:
And tonight for dinner, I used the fruits ( or veggies) of my labor and made this delicious pizza:
I am so proud of myself. In case you couldn't already tell.

01 August 2013

Potty Training V 2.0

About a week and a half after Deaun was born, Dallin and I decided the girls were ready to be potty trained (for real this time).  They were so excited! For the most part, they have done really well.  There are a few accidents here and there, but overall, it's been much better than we anticipated.

Another plus (besides not having to buy diapers for them!) of potty training- Sabrina and Fiona had been having a hard time (understandably) since Deaun was born.  They were used to getting all of our attention and were a bit traumatized to be sharing it with Deaun.  But potty training gave them some extra positive attention and something to focus on, so they stopped having meltdowns over silly things (most of the time) like "She touched my cup!" or "That blankie is touching my blankie!" or "She looked at me!"

All in all, we'll call it a win!

31 July 2013

Life with Deaun

*I just found this old draft full of pictures of Deaun as a newborn that had never been posted. So here you go, for your viewing pleasure. 

Deaun has just stolen our hearts.  (Probably especially mine.)
She sleeps well, eats well, poops well. See? A perfect babe.

Here are some pictures from June and July.

 (Free slurpie day- 7/11)

  (Potty training)

28 July 2013


For Grandpa White Car's work party, Sabrina and Fiona got to go to Lagoon for the first time!
I stayed home with Deaun, and Dallin had to work, but the girls had a blast with Grandma, Grandpa, Ammon, Jes, Emma, and Adele.
From what I hear, they loved the rides (after a little trepidation for the first few rides) and they loved the swimming and the slides!
They were so tuckered out from the boats, helicopters, planes, animals, and bumper cars that they crashed the second they got back in the car!

Thanks for taking them Grandma and Grandpa!

26 July 2013

Silver Lake

Dallin had the 24th of July off of work this year, so we all went up to Silver Lake at Brighton with Grandma Truck.  It was beautiful! We walked around the whole lake (even the twins) and had a picnic behind the church afterwards.  It was a great day.