23 November 2009

the job hunt

so i'm on the job hunt once again. the job i am currently at is a seasonal job, so i may or may not have a job after the new year starts. i won't know until probably the last week of december. but let's be honest, everyone knows i hate the job i have now, so i'm looking for something else. the problem is that i'm having a hard time finding a new one. i guess i'm too picky. my requirements for a new job are: 1) they pay similar to what i'm making now (we have to pay the bills somehow!) and 2) i'd like it if i actually LIKED my job. i know, apparently i'm picky and asking too much! dal and i are searching like crazy for jobs, so if you guys know of anything, please let us know!

and i just want to say how grateful i am for dallin. i tend to get discouraged as i get turned down for job after job, but he is so supportive. i feel like a loser, but he insists that i am not. bless him. i love you so much dal! thanks for always having my back!

18 November 2009

a note on the fridge

so i was in the breakroom today at work, heating up my yummy leftovers for lunch. as i was waiting for my food, i saw this note on the nearby fridge.
basically just saying that they are going to clean out the fridge every friday.

wait, what does THAT part say? let's zoom in:

a reminder that everyone could benefit from:
it just seems unnecessary (and kind of gross too)... i'm just sayin.

13 November 2009

10 things I love about my husband DALLIN FLOYD BARKER

1) He LOVES me and he always lets me know.
2) He’s EXTRA! Extra handsome. Extra nice. Extra awesome. Etc.
3) He is a great cook. I have not had a single bad tasting meal since we got married (unless I’m cooking…). Everything he makes is absolutely delicious!
4) We have fun together! Whether it’s rock climbing, camping, fishing, four-wheeling, setting up the tent in our living room, or just watching TV, he is always making me laugh.
5) He doesn’t make fun of me unless I deserve it. He doesn’t laugh when I cry and when I’m upset he is so patient with me.
6) He believes in me. Even when I don’t. Whether it’s about school, or my job, or my climbing skills (or lack thereof) he always tells me that I can do anything and that he has total confidence in me.
7) He works so hard. I don’t know if you know this about him, but he is taking 16 credits at the U this semester! And he works almost every day. And he still helps me cook and clean up! He is such a great husband!
8) He is always surprising me. Sometimes it’s with an extra hug or kiss when we leave in the morning. Or he makes the bed. Or folds some laundry. He is so selfless and is always doing nice things for me. Last week, he bought me the new Andrea Bocelli Christmas CD. (It is awesome and it has the Mo-Tab Choir on it, so check it out!)
9) He is AWESOME. I know I already said this, but I just want to reiterate. My husband is cool. Shades at night cool.

He puts up with me always making mistakes. Like that time last week when the haircut I was giving him turned into a buzz without an attachment… he just laughed and said it was fine. He trimmed his beard to match his short hair and gave me a hug and kiss. Even though I was near tears, he just told me he loved me.

How much better can it get?!