14 March 2013

Baby Girl

We had our ultrasound done on February 28th and found out that we are having another baby girl!
We are so excited to be able to recycle all those cute clothes we have and the girls are thrilled to have a baby sister to play with (maul/climb on/touch)! They said it was a girl all along, we just didn't know that they really KNEW. :)
We are so happy that she is looking healthy and growing big, she is right on track for her July 13th due date. We know she is supposed to be in our family and coming at this time to earth and we are so happy to get to be her parents! We are so blessed.

Spring, is that you?

Because of the wonderful weather this week, we've spent lots of days at the park. The girls are THRILLED to be running free and swinging and sliding with friends. But they are most excited to be outside!
I am also thrilled that all of these hours outside equal two very tired toddlers who are ready for nap time when it rolls around (instead of talking and giggling for an hour or more before succumbing to the sleep monster)!
It is really a win-win for all involved. The only thing that would make it better is if Daddy were here to play instead if at work. But he is liking his new job at Caption Call and we appreciate how hard he is working for us. We sure love him!
And we sure love this springy weather!

13 March 2013


My birthday this year was great! The girls told me "Happy Birt-day!" all day long and helped me eat (ate all of) my "Birt-day chocolates."
My parents and my sisters Jen, Lori, and Alison came up to Salt Lake and we went to Zupa's for lunch. Yum!
Then, after Dallin got off of work, he picked up our nieces, Brin and Sadie, to babysit the girls and took me out on a date. We went to a GREAT Indian restaurant, Taste of Punjab, and then drove to Provo to see Kira and Kimball sing/play in their band, Red Yeti.
I'm sure this next year will bring a lot of learning and adventures and I'm so glad I have my family to share it with!

11 March 2013

Making Cookies

Dallin and the girls decided to make strawberry cookies together.
The girls did a great job and wanted to show you how they did it.

1- Mix all the ingredients together with a spoon.

2- Mush it with your hands.

3- Put the cookies on the pan and smush with your hands.

4- Put Hershey's kisses on some cookies.

5- Put sprinkles on some cookies. (But be creative, put a few on some and LOTS on others!)

6- Bake cookies.

7- Enjoy!!!

And there you have it! Let two adorable toddlers help you make cookies and you are sure to succeed!