27 June 2014

Deaun's 1st Birthday

I can't believe our baby Deaun is already 1 year old! Time just flies.

A few fun facts about Deaun:
She is so happy when she wakes up (unlike the twins- wink wink).
She is walking confidently and is getting quite fast.
She puts herself to sleep for naps and bedtime, but still wakes up once or twice a night.
She wants to feed herself and rarely wants any help. She loves bananas, grapes, blueberries, strawberries, pretzels, cereal, bread, pickles, cheese, beans, and pasta.
She loves her stuffed animals and always wants to cuddle them while she sleeps.
She doesn't take a binky and hasn't since she was about 6 months old.
She loves to giggle and when tickled, has a really wonderful squeal/laugh.
She loves playing with legos and books and blocks and her "little people" and doing whatever her older sisters are doing.
She loves to wave and blow kisses to everyone.
She loves to get our full attention by screaming and grunting.
She says Mama, Dada, Baba (Bottle), and Book
Nicknames: Deedee, baby Deedee, baby Deaun

OPENING PRESENTS: Deaun had A LOT of help from Sabrina and Fiona when it came to opening her presents. She seemed to enjoy the wrapping paper more than her actual presents and she is still a tad scared of her new dolly, but she really loves her new books and toys and blanket.

AQUARIUM: We had some free passes to the aquarium, and took advantage of Dallin being off work to go for a visit. Deaun's favorite parts of the aquarium were walking by herself, climbing up everything she could, walking by herself, laying in the floor, and not looking at the camera. Close behind those things was her fascination with the penguins and the shark tunnel.

SWIMMING: We didn't get many pictures swimming (phone safety falls right below child safety on the list), but everyone had a blast. Sabrina and Fiona loved going down the slide, and Deaun loved splashing and being up to her neck in the water. She giggled most of the time!

CAKE! We did a funfetti cake with strawberry buttercream. Deaun was very tentative at first, but then got excited when she realized we weren't going to stop her from making a mess. She even ate it off of the grass after she dumped it off her plate.

We love Deaun SO very much and we are so happy she is part of our family.