20 May 2011


or a tribute to rocky.
we can't figure out what sabrina was trying to tell us.
what do you think?
(she did this herself. no help from us!)

they started out sitting next to each other,
but then fiona rolled over onto bri.
they are like magnets!

"look mom!
i'm so good that i can hold both bottles at the same time!"
isn't sabrina such a good sister to help fiona out?

"thanks sis!"
fiona is obviously grateful :)

15 May 2011


fiona in her native headdress

sabrina- happy to be in the car (for once)

fiona- worn out!

fiona (left) & sabrina (right)- showing off their new trick!

sabrina (left) & fiona (right)

it's been an interesting few weeks as we adjust to the new place and new routine. since dallin is out of school for the summer, he is home all day with the girls. because he is home all day, i have been working longer (also, we're short staffed). some days it's especially hard because by the time i get home from work, we're both exhausted. and it seems like he gets to see all these new tricks the girls are learning while i miss them because i'm at work. but that is where we are in life right now and we just have to make the best of it. at least we don't have to send the girls to a sitter all day long!

08 May 2011

hello from "the village"

well, we're at our new place.
not greenwich though. this "village" is in salt lake, but it's almost as cool.
(so i hear)
thank you to everyone who helped us move and clean and get organized.

our internet is up.
sort of.
dallin and i can't figure out how to set up the wireless router (we're technically challenged), so we're plugged in to the wall for now and can't use his laptop or the wii...
we'll have to find someone to help us with that soon.
this works in the mean time though so i don't go crazy without internet access.

we're excited for new neighbors and friends, more space, and for dallin being closer to school. hopefully we'll learn to be a little more social too.

also, we can't find dallin's camera and mine is acting funny, so the only pictures i have are from my phone, but we've got some funny ones i have to share!

fiona is always eating her feet!

aunt jana was making funny faces at sabrina
& she was making them right back!
we were laughing so hard!

fiona is looking cool in her easter sunglasses!
(thanks grandma dianne!)

the wii remote kept sabrina quiet for a while.
she cried when i took it away.
i'm such a mean mom!

tub time!
fiona left, sabrina right!
our new tub isn't slippery on the bottom,
so they can sit in the tub without mom being
terrified they going to fall down and drown.
don't worry, we still keep a very close eye (and hands) on them.

fiona loves her bath!

also, i may have already posted this, but oh well.
6 month stats:
sabrina- 15 lbs. 6 oz.
fiona- 15 lbs. 11 oz.

these girls are so funny! they are starting to show so much personality!

they are always chewing on whatever they can get to their mouth.
toys, remotes, phones, keys, you name it, they want it in their mouth.
today while we were playing outside, fiona got ahold of my keys and was sucking on them.
then she puked all over the car remote. haha. i hope it still works!

lately, sabrina and fiona been sleeping pretty well.
most nights they'll sleep all night.
as long as we keep them well fed, that is.
they had a hard time last night (first night in the new apartment), but i think they're a little less shell-shocked tonight, so hopefully they'll sleep better.
(i think it will help that we finally found the blankets that fit them,
so they won't keep punching their way free too!)

anyways, this is a pretty random post,
i just wanted to get this all down and share these cute pictures.

oh! and happy mother's day tomorrow!
be sure to tell your mom thanks for everything she does!

04 May 2011

why i don't (always) volunteer that i have twins

i swear, i've had this exact conversation before. dallin too. except maybe we're nicer about it. but that's what we're thinking....

03 May 2011

happy anniversary

happy 2nd anniversary to my favorite (and only) husband, dallin!

these past two years have definitely been the best in my life! i love waking up every morning next to my best friend in the whole world. i love dallin so much and i'm so grateful for everything he does for me.

he makes me laugh so hard i cry, he makes me happy and he makes me food.

it doesn't get much better than that!

also, happy 100th post to me! if i was popular enough i'd have a giveaway or something, but alas, you readers will have to content yourself with a comment on my wall saying that you think i'm great. because if you're reading this, YOU are great!