16 April 2010

i sure have talented friends!

i was trying to think of what i could post about because i know i've been slacking lately. but the dilemna is- we just shared our big news a post or two ago. all i've been doing lately is working (and who wants to hear about that???). we haven't gone anywhere fun lately (that i remembered to take my camera and get pictures...), etc.

so as i was looking at friends blogs, i realized that so many of the people i know are super talented! so this post is paying tribute to my friends who are so crafty and creative and lovely. some of them i haven't talked to in ages, but i want everyone to know how awesome i think they are!

mad photography skills!

being hilarious is definitely a talent:

these guys are crafty and creative in ways that i can only imagine!

and look who can cook!

obviously this was not a complete list, but just a sampling. but check these guys out and see how talented they are! they are so creative and talented that i can just copy their ideas instead of coming up with my own!

15 April 2010

bieber fever

don't you just love this kid? we sure do! dallin especially :)

and this girl does too!

we realize he may be a little young, and his voice still cracks, but we have bieber fever!

p.s. sorry it cuts the video off, you can watch the full size on youtube if you just click on the video

09 April 2010

it's a...

baby human!

edit: sorry. . .
there is only ONE baby. . . we're still really excited though!
due november 2nd!