29 July 2012

New family member

On Thursday we met the newest member of our family, Stella Jane. We love her a lot already. She is beautiful! Welcome to our family, love!

17 July 2012

Not the Twins

What I'm watching:

What I'm reading:
Divergent & Insurgent by Veronica Roth

What I'm listening to:

Where I'm shopping:
South East Asian Market @ 422 E 900 S, Salt Lake City, UT

What is on my Summer vegetarian menu:
Bruschetta (Tomatoes, Feta Cheese, and Toasted Bread with Olive Oil):
Cheddar Cheese Risotto from The Curvy Carrot:
Crunchy Black Bean Tacos from Endless Simmer
Cranberry Feta Salad with Green Goddess Dressing, by Me:

15 July 2012

Payson Lakes

Last Tuesday, the girls and I drive down to Payson Lakes for the Crump family reunion. Dallin couldn't come because he had work and school that day, but we wish he had been there because we had a great time! We hiked to some falls called The Grotto, went swimming in one of the lakes, caught butterflies, played with cousins and second cousins, and ate some yummy food.

4th of July

We had a great 4th of July this year. We spent the morning at Dallin'a parents and had lunch there, then we headed down to my parents and dropped the girls off at my cousin's house so that we could go see a movie. After the movie, we BBQ'd, played on the swing set, played volleyball and lit some sparklers. After we got home, we watched the fireworks from our apartment. Low key but very fun!

Swimming at Grandma's

It has been SO hot this summer, so a lot of afternoons we end up in the kiddie pool outside our apartment. One day we were at Grandma Dianne's and it was one of those hot days. We forgot their swim diapers though, so we just let them swim naked!


Sometimes we tell the girls to do something like hold hands or bring us a ball or toy. We were at Costco the other day and told Fiona to give sister a hug. This is what happened:
First a hug:

Then a noogie:

Silver Lake

Earlier this month, we took the girls and drive up to Silver Lake, up by Brighton. We walked part way around the lake on the boardwalk. The girls had a great time running along, pointing at all the "waller" (water) and the "ishies" (fishes) and the "ors" (birds). It was fun to just get a little ways away for an afternoon!


The girls have started to make more friends lately. Maybe it's because I'm being more social or something so they feel okay with it too. The two friends that they hang out with the most are Van and Gus. Sabrina and Fiona LOVE these boys! They call the boys Bike and Guh Guh. Van is older and can already ride a two-wheeler bike. He is SO nice to the girls, always sharing snacks and giving hugs. Gus is just a little younger than the girls and so it is fun for the girls to have someone their size to play with. They follow each other around and jabber in baby language to each other. They all play in the pool together and share their lunches. I love that the girls have fun friends to play with!