31 December 2010

christmas 2010

we loved christmas this year!
it was wonderful spending time with all of our family and meeting a new cousin, aunt, and uncle!



sabrina (left), fiona (right):

fiona (left), sabrina (right):

sabrina (left), fiona (right):

thanks to Matt for taking some family pictures for us!

hope everyone had a merry christmas!!! (a month ago. no i'm not behind on my blogging...)

06 December 2010


big news everyone!
fiona & sabrina slept from 11 pm last night to 5:45 am this morning!
we celebrated this momentous occasion by SLEEPING for 6 straight hours last night. we thought about doing something more exciting to mark this event but decided a full night's sleep was good enough!

and now, for your viewing pleasure (or at least mine):