24 November 2012

New missionary

It has been SO long since I posted anything that I'm almost embarrassed to now. But we've had a lot if things going on, so I've got to start catching up sometime!

First up, my baby sister Sarah, (who, as it turns out, isn't even a baby anymore) got her mission call this past Wednesday. She got called to serve in Kennewick, WA. She will be speaking Spanish and she leaves in April 2013. I am so incredibly proud of her! She will be a great missionary and I can't wait for the Kennewick people to meet her! They are a lucky lot!


01 November 2012


Halloween was fun this year because the girls learned about trick-or-treating. Except they called it "Cookie treat" which was even cuter. We went to just a few houses in our circle for candy and the girls were a little shy at first, but by the end they had a lot of fun. We got more trick-or-treaters to visit our house this year, an I think it was only because I bribed my primary kids with a big bag of treats if they stopped by. :)