19 November 2010

happy friday!

fiona (left) sabrina (right)

have a great weekend everyone!
we definitely will because sabrina & fiona started going about 4 hours between feedings this week instead of 3. this means more sleep for us! YAY!

p.s. my niece emma calls the girls zebra & princess onah. how cute is that?!

17 November 2010

my twin girls are cuter than yours

you probably just want to look at pictures, that's fine. i do that a lot too :)
but let me first say:

dal and i LOVE our babies so much!

bri and fifi are growing a lot! they don't fit in their preemie outfits anymore and are outgrowing some of their newborn sized clothes also!

they love their binkies! it's a good thing too, because sometimes that is the only way we can tell them apart!

so far, all the baby things we have are shared by both girls. except for 2 things: their binkies (fiona green, sabrina blue), and their swaddle blankets (fiona's is green, sabrina's has monkeys). this is so that we can tell them apart in the middle of the night (when we are too tired to think clearly).

they are pretty much on the same schedule (yay!) and are eating every 3 hours or so. dallin and i are hoping that increases to 4 or 5 soon so we can get more sleep at night. suggestions anyone???

we can't tell them apart by their crying yet. but we can sometimes guess who it is based on who we fed last...

they love taking baths! they just don't like the trips to and from the tub. it's COLD!

they love their swing, their bouncers, snuggling, eating and staring

oh, and did i mention that we LOVE them? cuz we do!!!

now for the pictures:

03 November 2010

the first few weeks and halloween

life is definitely different now!
but in the best possible way.
these two girls are so beautiful and sweet that i don't even mind only sleeping for 1-2 hour stretches at night. i don't think any other people could make me feel that way.
they have stolen our hearts completely!

i think the 2 most common phrases at our home these days are:
i love our girls so much!
they are just so cute!

sabrina & fiona had their 2 week check-ups last wednesday and are doing wonderfully!
they both met and passed their birth weights by 3 oz. sabrina weighed 6 lbs. and was in the 3rd percentile for her weight and fiona weighed 6 lbs. 6 oz. and was in the 5th percentile. SO TINY!

i'll get onto the pictures now(there are a lot. but give me a break, they are cute!):

in their matching preemie outfilts (sabrina left, fiona right):

resting (fiona left, sabrina right):

just hanging out together. for not being identical, they sure look alike, don't they? (fiona left, sabrina right):


october baby:

just hanging out with dad!:

just a regular sort of nap:


october baby:

snuggles with dad (and spit up too! dal went through 3 shirts that day, courtesy of fiona!):

just hangin' out in the baby sling:


we had a pretty chill halloween this year.
saturday night we made this delicious pumpkin chili, and this delicious pumpkin pie dip, hung out with grandma karen and grandpa dave, and had about 4 trick-or-treaters come to our door.

on sunday, we had a halloween party at grandma dianne's and grandpa wayne's house. lots of kids, lots of noise, lots of food. and the girls were the center of attention (of course)!