24 August 2010

just some thoughts on being pregnant

this is me at 30 weeks

pregnant brain
i don't know what it is about being pregnant that makes people dumber. well, you know, i shouldn't assume this happens to other people, it's probably just me. i like to blame my mistakes and dumb moments on what i refer to as "pregnant brain." does anyone else suffer from this?

today at work, instead of faxing something i made 54 copies of it (or i would have if i hadn't caught my mistake halfway through. as it was, i only made about 30...)!

i'm always forgetting about things that happened 5 minutes ago...

i don't always remember how big my belly is, so i find myself running into doors or bumping my belly into things (this happens at work all the time... and i probably shouldn't admit to this either...)

also, does anyone else talk to their belly? i find myself having conversations with my babies and i pretend they know what i'm talking about. and then the people around me look at me funny because they think i'm talking to them when i say "stop kicking my bladder!"

my favorite
I LOVE feeling these kiddos move! i don't know what only one baby kicking feels like, but i swear, these girls move ALL day long! maybe they take turns sleeping and kicking or something because my belly is always moving!

i love feeling their feet and knees and elbows poke out and i love watching them ripple across my belly! i'm always grabbing dallin's hand and making him feel it, or i tell him to come feel them move.

my girls are stubborn already though, because if i tell him to feel my belly, as soon as his hand touches it, they stop moving. then he takes it off and they kick. and he puts it back on and they stop. i think they just like to tease him :)

the truth
i'm not saying that being pregnant is easy. i have heartburn and my morning sickness has come back. my belly hurts all the time and i have a hard time breathing or sleeping. but after everything i've read about twin pregnancy, i realize that i have it SO easy compared to most people. even easier than people i know that are pregnant with one baby.
here's why:
- i'm not on bedrest and i'm 30 weeks pregnant tomorrow
- i'm still able to work (i'm not sure if this is a good thing or not, haha)
- i still have ankles
- if everything continues to go well, i only have 5 or 6 weeks left (not 10!)
- so far (cross your fingers) i haven't had any of the complications associated with twin pregnancy
- we won't have to buy a crib, changing table/dresser, rocking chair, swing, carseats, etc. (thanks to family gifts and hand-me-downs!)
- i get to feel my babies move ALL day long (it's so AWESOME!)

but mostly:
- my babies are growing really well and they are healthy and strong!

so here's hoping for the next few weeks to go as smoothly as the last 30 have gone!

i CAN'T WAIT to meet these little girlies!

08 August 2010

getting ready for babies

thank you ben and alison!
and thank you mom and dad for helping us move it all!

(now all we have to do is figure out where to set the crib up...)

01 August 2010

26 weeks

dear baby girls-

i love feeling you kick inside of me! i love watching your elbows, knees, and feet poke out on my belly too! dad laughs a lot when he feels my belly move, i think it's because he's so amazed that he can feel you too! you guys are sure working hard! all day when i'm at work, i feel your wiggling around like crazy. sometimes i wonder if you are having wrestling matches inside or maybe you are just practicing your gymnastics? either way, keep it up. i need you girlies to grow big and strong! you must really wear yourselves out because by the time i get home and want daddy to feel you move, you must be sleeping because you don't wiggle so much at home :)

last night, it felt like i could literally feel you growing, my stomach felt SO stretched out. so this morning i measured my belly and it was a WHOLE INCH bigger than yesterday! i really did feel you grow!

thanks for being so nice to me thus far in this pregnancy. i have a little over two months, and i know we all still have some major growing to do, but if you could go easy on me, i'd appreciate it!

i love you kiddos so much already. it's amazing how much i love you even though i've never met you! but i remember the first time i felt you move (even before we knew there were 2 of you!) and i remember the first time daddy felt you move. you guys are so much a part of us already that daddy and i can't wait to see you!

we love you!

love, mom


one of my favorite things to make in the summer is zucchini chocolate chip muffins!

dallin and i went to the murray farmer's market yesterday and came home with some delicious treats! they have juicy blackberries, sweet corn, peaches, eggplant, melons of every variety, and so many other things. my favorite part is to just look around and see all of the good things they have.

we came home with some zucchini yesterday, and to make sure we used it before it went bad, i made my favorite thing! i used this recipe with a few modifications, and they turned out wonderfully!

the recipe said that it only made 12 muffins and i wanted more, so i doubled the recipe. but instead of using 1 cup oil, i used 1/2 cup oil and 1/2 cup applesauce. i think next time, i'll just use applesauce and see how that works. i added a quarter cup of flour as well to thicken up the batter. i actually got 3 dozen muffins out of the recipe as well, which was nice because we had some extra to give away!

happy summer cooking!

what are some of your favorite summer treats?