24 August 2010

just some thoughts on being pregnant

this is me at 30 weeks

pregnant brain
i don't know what it is about being pregnant that makes people dumber. well, you know, i shouldn't assume this happens to other people, it's probably just me. i like to blame my mistakes and dumb moments on what i refer to as "pregnant brain." does anyone else suffer from this?

today at work, instead of faxing something i made 54 copies of it (or i would have if i hadn't caught my mistake halfway through. as it was, i only made about 30...)!

i'm always forgetting about things that happened 5 minutes ago...

i don't always remember how big my belly is, so i find myself running into doors or bumping my belly into things (this happens at work all the time... and i probably shouldn't admit to this either...)

also, does anyone else talk to their belly? i find myself having conversations with my babies and i pretend they know what i'm talking about. and then the people around me look at me funny because they think i'm talking to them when i say "stop kicking my bladder!"

my favorite
I LOVE feeling these kiddos move! i don't know what only one baby kicking feels like, but i swear, these girls move ALL day long! maybe they take turns sleeping and kicking or something because my belly is always moving!

i love feeling their feet and knees and elbows poke out and i love watching them ripple across my belly! i'm always grabbing dallin's hand and making him feel it, or i tell him to come feel them move.

my girls are stubborn already though, because if i tell him to feel my belly, as soon as his hand touches it, they stop moving. then he takes it off and they kick. and he puts it back on and they stop. i think they just like to tease him :)

the truth
i'm not saying that being pregnant is easy. i have heartburn and my morning sickness has come back. my belly hurts all the time and i have a hard time breathing or sleeping. but after everything i've read about twin pregnancy, i realize that i have it SO easy compared to most people. even easier than people i know that are pregnant with one baby.
here's why:
- i'm not on bedrest and i'm 30 weeks pregnant tomorrow
- i'm still able to work (i'm not sure if this is a good thing or not, haha)
- i still have ankles
- if everything continues to go well, i only have 5 or 6 weeks left (not 10!)
- so far (cross your fingers) i haven't had any of the complications associated with twin pregnancy
- we won't have to buy a crib, changing table/dresser, rocking chair, swing, carseats, etc. (thanks to family gifts and hand-me-downs!)
- i get to feel my babies move ALL day long (it's so AWESOME!)

but mostly:
- my babies are growing really well and they are healthy and strong!

so here's hoping for the next few weeks to go as smoothly as the last 30 have gone!

i CAN'T WAIT to meet these little girlies!


  1. Becki I loved your post! I agree with you on so much of it, though I'm just having one baby. I thought it was funny what you said about how the babies stop kicking when Dallin touches your stomach. That is exactly what happens when Todd touches mine!

    I too have forgotten how big my belly is. I have run into things and burnt my belly a couple times because I don't remember how big I am!

    Here's to single digits as far as weeks go! Though I am jealous that you'll deliver a few weeks before me! :)

  2. I can't believe your stomach, Becki! You are seriously such a cute pregnant woman!

    P.S. Did you hear I'm going to be an aunt??

  3. Sorry I lied about my Baby! I can't believe I kept a straight face when you asked me, but now our babies can be friends... so Sabrina and Fiona better not be bullies.

  4. i'm so glad to see you so big!! hopefully they keep growing so they are healthy & strong! miss you!!

  5. I seriously made a FOOL out of myself when I was pregnant and working...or if I was just in public..running into things/people and talking to my belly, not to mention tripping! I think it just causes unbalance in your body and brain??? hahahaha

    I'm so glad that things have gone so smoothly! Please let me know if you need/want anything for your girlies. Those are two lucky girls to have you for a mom. I'm sure Dallin is great too :) Good luck with everything and I hope all goes well!

    Love and miss you bunches

  6. I'm with you on forgetting things after 5 minutes, I write everything down now or I wouldn't get anything done! You are so stinkin cute! You are all baby my friend, it doesn't look like you have anything extra!! I saw my belly moving while lying down recently so I find myself lying down a lot and just watching it...it's a little weird, but I love it. Even with the heartburn, I just love being pregnant!! Maybe because I'm not quite ready for 2 kids...but you'll be in that boat before me! I started 3 years earlier than you and you'll still beat me to 2!!

  7. AHH you are so cute and I'm so excited for you guys!!

  8. it's not just you who gets a "pregnant brain". Your brain actually shrinks 6-8% while you are prego. they think it is to prepare you for zombie mom mode of feed, change, burp,rock....
    you are a cute preggers lady. I can't wait to meet S&F

  9. Your belly is so cute! I completely agree with the pregnancy brain. It definately happens to me.

  10. I Definitely have pregnancy brain too!! You are only a week behind me but since you're having twins I bet you'll have your babies before me! But your belly sure is cute!!

  11. just so you know- the pre pregnant brain doesnt return. or at least for me it still hasnt. im a dang nut case. just read my post called "good thing". also i went up to salt lake to give a hair cut to steves brother- and i forgot my hair cutting stuff... wow.

  12. So glad your pregnancy has been going so well! You look adorable preggo...love ya! Can't wait for you to know what its like to be a mommy!! :)