01 August 2010

26 weeks

dear baby girls-

i love feeling you kick inside of me! i love watching your elbows, knees, and feet poke out on my belly too! dad laughs a lot when he feels my belly move, i think it's because he's so amazed that he can feel you too! you guys are sure working hard! all day when i'm at work, i feel your wiggling around like crazy. sometimes i wonder if you are having wrestling matches inside or maybe you are just practicing your gymnastics? either way, keep it up. i need you girlies to grow big and strong! you must really wear yourselves out because by the time i get home and want daddy to feel you move, you must be sleeping because you don't wiggle so much at home :)

last night, it felt like i could literally feel you growing, my stomach felt SO stretched out. so this morning i measured my belly and it was a WHOLE INCH bigger than yesterday! i really did feel you grow!

thanks for being so nice to me thus far in this pregnancy. i have a little over two months, and i know we all still have some major growing to do, but if you could go easy on me, i'd appreciate it!

i love you kiddos so much already. it's amazing how much i love you even though i've never met you! but i remember the first time i felt you move (even before we knew there were 2 of you!) and i remember the first time daddy felt you move. you guys are so much a part of us already that daddy and i can't wait to see you!

we love you!

love, mom


  1. You're so stinking cute! I can't believe you are still so small when you're that far along with twins!! I love it, you're going to be such a cute mom.

  2. This is precious. I love all of you--can't wait to meet the sweet little girls.