24 April 2013

Spring Day

Back in mid-March, we had about a week and a half of fabulously warm weather in which we spent every day all day outside in the sun. We got pink cheeks and a few more freckles and thought we were in heaven.
And then it got cold again.
Talk about a tease, Utah!
But then today (and hopefully from here on out), we had some nice Spring weather! Warm sun, a light jacket, and some flip-flops. A perfect day for a walk through the neighborhood.
So Sabrina, Fiona, and I set out on a mission to see as many flowers as we could. In as many colors as we could find.
Along the way we saw a few bugs. The conversation is as follows:

Sabrina: Bug! Bug!
Fiona: Don't worry, I stomp it! (Stomp)
Sabrina: Bye bye bug!

And we had a lot of success in the flower department too. Lots of tulips and a few daffodils, some dandelions and other pretty flowers.

Me: What color flowers do you see?

And in other news, Dallin had his last classes today! He turned in his last two papers, took his last final and he is a COLLEGE GRADUATE!!! Wahoo! I am so incredibly proud of him and how hard he has worked to get through school. It's been a long, hard ride but he did it. And he did it with flair! He got a 4.0 GPA several semesters. What a rock star! He is my hero and my favorite person ever! Love you Hun!

In other words, today was a perfect day!

23 April 2013

Big girl beds

Remember how at the beginning of April, we moved the girls to big girl beds?
Well here is the report on how it's going:
Sabrina and Fiona both get an A+!!!

The first night, they were so exited that they jumped right in bed and fell fast asleep. That's how nap time and bedtime went for the first few days.
After a few days, they figured out that try weren't stuck in bed anymore, but still stay in pretty well.
For the first few days, they waited for us to come in and get them, but after a week or two, they realized that since they know how to open the door, there really isn't anything stopping them from coming out whenever they want.
However, they are great at following directions, so after we asked them to wait until Mom or Dad said it was okay to come out, they have complied exceptionally well! What good girls!
They still like a nightlight and in the last week, they have decided that they like to sleep with the door open. Which had me very nervous, but they actually fall asleep faster if its open. Then I just close it after they fall asleep.
Sabrina and Fiona are growing up so fast, I can't hardly stand it! Since January alone, we've gotten rid of binkies, we don't take sippy cups to bed anymore, and have moved onto big girl beds!
They are so proud of being big girls and they are working on potty training right now.
I would almost say that they are ready for baby sister to get here (I certainly am), except that then they will have to share Mommy's lap (and I don't think Mommy's lap fits three girls!).


These girls love to hug! Or at least, Fiona loves to hug Sabina (all pics). But I have it on good authority that Sabrina likes it too. :)


2- The zoo

18 April 2013

A Night at the Cinema

Last Saturday, we took Sabrina and Fiona to see a movie in the theater for the first time. We talked it up a lot, about how this movie was going to be bigger than all of us!
We took them to see Wreck It Ralph. They were pretty wiggly, and since it was just the dollar theater there was no stadium seating, so it was kind of hard for them to see. But they really liked it. They thought the bugs were bad and mean, but not scary. And the little girl, Vanellope, was really cute and small.
Overall, it was a success and they have already asked to go see a big movie gain soon.
It is so fun being a mom to these sweet girls, we get to try new things together and it's so fun to see their reaction to things! That doesn't mean that every day is easy, in fact a lot are hard, but it's all worth it!

10 April 2013

Cutie Pies

I love these little cutie pies. They make me smile!

1- Sabrina hugging Fiona in the tub.
2- Fiona modeling Mom's hat.
3- Fiona flying.
4- Sabrina soaking up some sun.

04 April 2013


Fiona: Mom, we go to the zoo?
Me: We can't. We don't have a car.
Fiona: We take the stroller?
Me: No, it's too far to walk in the stroller.
Fiona: And we would be... nerrrr...vous?

Me: Sabrina, get off the table.
Sabrina: Shhh. Be quiet. Don't talk. Shhh.

Sabrina: Mama, mama I know something!
Me: What do you know?
Sabrina: My Eeyore is a donkey!

At 1:30 in the morning, when Sabrina woke up sad-
Me: Sabrina, what's wrong?
Sabrina: I sleep in your bed?
Me: No honey, you need to sleep in your bed.
Sabrina: (sobs) Pleeease!!!
Me: Sorry baby, but I could lay in bed with you.
Sabrina: (sobs harder) Go away! You mean! (crawls under covers)
Me: Okay. Well I love you lots.
Sabrina: (stops crying) I love you too. (sniffle)

Fiona: Why did Daddy go to work?
Me: So that we can pay for our food and our house and car.
Sabrina: I like to drive my baby car!

Fiona: Where did Santa go?
Me: He is probably at home because it isn't Christmas right now.
Fiona: No! He went to the temple! (giggle giggle giggle)

02 April 2013

Baby prep

This is happening!
Sabrina picked the green sheets, Fiona picked the purple.
Now we will just have to see if they actually sleep...