23 February 2012


we had some visitors last night! jana and mark came up from provo and our friend rachel visited us while she was in town from washington state.  she brought her darling babe david to see us too!
i wish i'd taken some pictures of everyone, but as usual, they are mostly of the girls.
they were sure smiley and refused to take of their tutu's even after bath and jammies.

pictures 1-4: fiona pink onesie, sabrina red
helping us finish dinner by watching over the futon:

pj pictures: sabrina brown jammies, fiona orange/pink

15 February 2012

will you be my valentine?

our valentine's day this year was VERY exciting.
dallin went to school ALL day and the girls and i stayed home.
even though it wasn't very eventful, we had a fun day at home playing.

i tried to get the girls to sit on the couch so i could take some pictures of the two of them together. like any other 16 month old would do, they didn't sit still for one second, but ran all over the couch :)

fiona grey, sabrina purple:

"this is so funny!":

stepping on:



with daddy:

thank you sabrina, fiona, and dallin for being my valentines! i love you so much!

11 February 2012


we went to the zoo again today and had a lot of fun!
fiona especially loves the ducks(ducks, geese, swans, etc). she squeals when she sees them and yells, "duh duh duh!".
sabrina loves the sheep and goats. she points and giggles at them.

we also love hauling the girls around in the backpacks we got for christmas, the girls have a lot more fun when they are up high because they can see so much more!

playing in their packs before we leave. 
they loved just sitting in them.
fiona left, sabrina right:

mom and fiona:

dad and sabrina:

09 February 2012


dallin taught the girls to give each other hugs.
it's my new favorite thing, especially when they say, "aww!" as they hug.
i love how much they love each other

sabrina pink, fiona purple

and they sit on each other too: