23 October 2011

my superhero

i love dallin.
so very very much!

and i don't think i tell people (or him) often enough how much i love and admire him.
dallin is such a great person! he is kind and loving and brave and happy.
he takes care of me when i'm not feeling well, he cleans up poopy messes so i don't have to, he cleans up un-poopy messes so i don't have to, he makes me delicious food and he is always making me laugh.

he never lets anything get him down. he is always optimistic and hopeful.
even when i get discouraged, he just tells me everything will be okay and then he makes a plan to make sure that things will work out.

dallin is a very hard worker. he studies hard in school, tutors spanish students, watches the girls while i'm at work and still manages to find time to cook dinner.

he is amazing and i love him so much!


 what do these two pictures have in common?

sometime yesterday, one/both of the girls dumped all of these toys into the garbage! we found said toys this afternoon when dallin threw away some food. i don't know if sabrina and/or fiona conspired to get rid of these toys, or if they just though it was cool that they could drop their toys inside and make them disappear.
either way, we got a good laugh out of it!
(after we got all the garbage cleaned off)

bathtime buddies

From bathtime buddies
(click on the picture for a cute video!)
the girls REALLY love bathtime!

22 October 2011

sabrina and fiona: best friends extraordinaire

sabrina (turquoise) and fiona (pink) LOVE to play together!
they walk all over, chase each other, giggle and jabber all day long.
they say:
duh duh
nuh nuh

daddy is "da DUH" and mommy is "da DUH" too. except when they are super sad or tired, then mommy is "muh muh muh"

one of their favorite things to do these days is climb. they climb in their carseats, they climb on the couches, into the rocking chair, and all over mom/dad/grandma/grandpa/whoever is around!

they are such happy little chickies and we love them so much!

birthday party

we had a fun birthday party for the girls with our family and close friends. thank you to everyone who came and for the wonderful toys and books and clothes! the girls were spoiled rotten.

sabrina devoured her birthday cupcake with gusto! she just dove in with no hesitation!:

fiona was more reserved and ladylike. she just ate a little at a time:

isn't it funny how two girls who look almost the same could be so different?!

birthday babies!

on October 13th, the girls turned ONE!
they had a fun day at the pumpkin patch!

sabrina trying to eat the hay, fiona giving us the crazy eyes:



we love sabrina and fiona so much! they are such happy, funny, loving little girls who make our lives so happy! thank you for a wonderful first year girls!