23 October 2011

my superhero

i love dallin.
so very very much!

and i don't think i tell people (or him) often enough how much i love and admire him.
dallin is such a great person! he is kind and loving and brave and happy.
he takes care of me when i'm not feeling well, he cleans up poopy messes so i don't have to, he cleans up un-poopy messes so i don't have to, he makes me delicious food and he is always making me laugh.

he never lets anything get him down. he is always optimistic and hopeful.
even when i get discouraged, he just tells me everything will be okay and then he makes a plan to make sure that things will work out.

dallin is a very hard worker. he studies hard in school, tutors spanish students, watches the girls while i'm at work and still manages to find time to cook dinner.

he is amazing and i love him so much!

1 comment:

  1. Dallin is quite the hero. He is amazing--a great example to me.