01 November 2011

Halloween 2011

we had really good intentions with Halloween this year, but it just didn't pan out the way we planned.  

- we were going to let the girls carve pumpkins, but turns out they're too little to handle a knife very well yet, so we carved them instead (which turned out very cute) :)

- i was going to dress up like Mary Poppins, Dallin was going to be Bert (the chimney sweep) and the girls were going to be mini chimney sweeps.  however, the night of our ward Halloween party, Dallin had class, so i dressed up and took the girls on my own.  no one knew who i was supposed to be and they thought the girls were dressed like ninjas.  so i made the girls little money bags and they went as burglars instead.
sabrina left, fiona right:



sabrina left, fiona right:

- Dallin never had a chance to dress up ( he was very disappointed, he LOVES Halloween) and I had to dress up too many times ( i don't love Halloween so much).  For work I dressed up as a bumble bee one day (my co-worker was a ladybug) and the other day i dressed up as Justin Beiber (low pants, purple shirt, green hoodie- it worked well with my boy-short hair).  Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on who you ask), pictures are not to be found...

Here is a picture of most of my nieces and nephews all dressed up on Halloween:

despite things not going according to plan, it was still a lot of fun! we'll plan better next year!

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