07 November 2011

beanie babies

since i've joined pinterest, my list of DIY projects has grown at an exponential rate.  dallin says that before i can do any of them, i have to refinish the couch (we bough fabric for it months ago) and refinish the chair i rescued from the dumpster.  but i don't want to do that until we get into our new apartment next month...

so what do i do?

i decided to cheat and crochet the girls some beanies!
 now, historically my efforts at crocheting (or knitting) end long before whatever i'm making is done, so dallin had some doubts as to my abilities to actually finish this. so i watched a few youtube videos about different crocheting stitches, got frustrated, tried a new stitch and had a finished beanie within about 45 minutes! nailed it! so then i made another one. and some flowers to go on the beanies.  i just did a really simple crochet stitch for both and had them both done in about 2 hours.
looks like the girls are going to have a whole new collection of beanies this winter!

now, they aren't profesh, but i'm pretty proud of them.

and the models are cute too :)