21 January 2011

wrestling, sleeping and snuggling

sorry, i have blog vomit (see the five other posts below), but now i'm all caught up! and let' all be thankful that i just posted pictures and didn't really talk :)
sabrina and fiona are adorable! no other explanation is needed.

dad says we need to start them young when it comes to sports.

sabrina is snuggling with dad in his jacket(he looks like he's about 25 weeks along to me):


sabrina (left), fiona (right):

love their bumbos (sabrina left, fiona right):

snuggling with each other. (fiona left, sabrina right):

fiona on Grandpa Wayne's lap and asleep on the changing table:


bath time

the girls love their bath time!


Grandpa Dave, Grandma Karen, and Kira came over for FHE earlier this month. We were all laughing because of how much the girls hiccup after they eat! (click on the picture to watch the video)
From January 2011

new hats

fiona (top) & sabrina (bottom) got the cutest new hats for christmas!

thanks Grandma Dianne!

04 January 2011


i've really been a slacker when it comes to blogging lately! we'll just say that i don't seem to have much time for that these days, haha. i'll update more later, but i just wanted to say that these girls are wonderful!
dallin does a great job at being a stay-at-home dad while i work. i really miss the girls when i'm gone, but we know that for now this is the best thing for our family.

the girls are really starting to show some personality which has been a blast to watch.

we love seeing them smile! they are just the best babies anyone could ask for! and they are super cute too!

can you guys which girl is fiona and which one is sabrina?