19 September 2009

foul ball

i love the look on the dad's face when she throws the ball back!
later, a Phillies usher walked a new ball up to the girl

subaru impreza hatchback

dear dallin-

when you become a $millionaire$ (or have an extra $25,000 laying around), can we please buy one of these?
they are my favorite...

17 September 2009

bagel sunday

dallin & i love to cook together!

a few weeks ago, dallin got it in his head that he wanted to make bagels. has anyone ever made those before? i don't know about you, but it sounded pretty intimidating to me!

well, needless to say we did it anyway. we had a blast! they were delicious! this is now our
favorite thing to make.

they take a little bit of time, but boy is it worth it!

14 September 2009

bathroom etiquette

don't worry this isn't graphic :)

i just find it laughable that some people are so clueless to what bathroom etiquette includes that signs like this have to show up in the restrooms at work:

12 September 2009

i'll stick with you

dallin & i
are always looking for fun (& cheap) ways to decorate our apartment.

this latest work of art was 100% dallin's idea.
& what a GREAT one it was!

a trip to DI & $6 was all it took.
(we used velcro to hang them up. this is a great way to hang things without using nails.)

do YOU have any fun decorating ideas?

11 September 2009

sweet thing

i was looking over some wedding pictures and wanted to post a few.

my. wedding. cake. was. AMAZING.

my aunt cindy made it and my sister alison did all the flowers on the cake. it turned out even better than imagined it would.


thank you alison for making it perfect for me. i loved it so much! (and for my awesome wedding video, and for everything else you did...)

04 September 2009

job adventures

i had my first day of training at my new job today. i work for a company called extend health. here are a few things about my day:

1- extend health calls their training, "extend university," but it's actually more like kindergarten. i got a sticker with my name on it to put on my shirt. i also received a piece of construction paper with instructions to write my name on it and keep it with me so that everyone can know my name. (isn't that what a name tag is for?) later i got a yellow sticker to stick on my name tag because i am a visual-verbal learner. yay me!

2- this is not a call center, it's a "retiree service center." i am not an insurange agent, i am an "advisor." i don't work in sales, i work in the "enrolling department."

3- a conversation i had today as i pulled out my phone to send a text to dallin. stranger: so, have you been texting for long? me: um... no. i just pulled it out. stranger: no, i mean have you known how to text for very long? me: um...yes?

4- my "homework" is to bring a picture of my favorite senior citizen to work tomorrow.

5- my new best bud at work is mr. wright. he told me i could call him chris. he's about 70 years old and in exchange for showing him how to use a computer, he tells me stories about places he used to work.

okay, yes. so i'm slightly ashamed of my job. but also amused. i can't wait for what tomorrow holds... i guess i'll stay there until i invent something that makes me a million bucks.