17 September 2009

bagel sunday

dallin & i love to cook together!

a few weeks ago, dallin got it in his head that he wanted to make bagels. has anyone ever made those before? i don't know about you, but it sounded pretty intimidating to me!

well, needless to say we did it anyway. we had a blast! they were delicious! this is now our
favorite thing to make.

they take a little bit of time, but boy is it worth it!


  1. i will definitely have to try this. my girls love bagels for breakfast. you guys are so cute!

  2. That looks so fun! I'm thoroughly impressed :)

  3. Becks you are totally missing Saturday staff meeting bagels aren't you?! haha! That is really impressive that you made those...go Becks!

  4. That is awesome. I wish I could make something cool like that.