15 September 2011

a "crappy" day


the girls will probably HATE me for this one day, but it's just such a funny/awful/gross story that i have to tell it.
this will be a "no picture" post. you will thank me.

dallin called me at work yesterday pretty upset because the girls had got into the garbage can in their room and proceeded to rip apart a diaper. but not just any diaper, a POOPY diaper!

it was on the floor. it was on the crib skirts and bumper pads. it was on the changing table drawers.
but that's not the worst part.

it was also on their legs.
and their hands.
and their clothes.


yes, that's right. my babies ate poop.

if i had been at home, i would have freaked out! and probably barfed too.

but Dallin is my HERO and he cleaned the girls up. then he cleaned up their bedroom. and when i got home from work, there was no trace of the awful "diaper incident."

see, aren't you glad there were no pictures?

05 September 2011

on top of old smokey...

...all covered with cheese... blah..blah... meatballs! (that's the important part of the song anyway...)

as you can tell, sabrina (top) and fiona (bottom) LOVE their noodles and meatballs.

(and i've officially become one of those moms... i never thought i would think that babies covered in food would be cute, but these pictures changed my mind!)

01 September 2011

barker family reunion- st. george

warning: this will be a picture heavy post. sorry!

just before school started back up, we took one more trip to finish off the summer.
we headed down to st. george for the barker family reunion.

on thursday we hiked the subway in zion ntl. park with papa barker, kimball, mama and papa robison and my sister jen. dallin and i left the girls with mama barker and the others and enjoyed a beautiful but quite strenuous (in my opinion) hike without the girlies on our backs. 

below: dallin's little "sabrina frog"

on friday, while the rest of the barkers hiked the subway, we took the girls to a splash park in downtown st. george to beat the heat. we also swam and just spent some good time relaxing and hanging with the fam.

fiona, sabrina



becki and sabrina, dallin and fiona:

emma bean:


jes and emma relaxing:

kimball and sabrina:

becki and sabrina, dallin and fiona:

on saturday before we headed out of town, we went to the st. george temple to do sealings together. kimball was a great sport being just a 'son.' :)

it was the perfect way to end summer!