15 September 2011

a "crappy" day


the girls will probably HATE me for this one day, but it's just such a funny/awful/gross story that i have to tell it.
this will be a "no picture" post. you will thank me.

dallin called me at work yesterday pretty upset because the girls had got into the garbage can in their room and proceeded to rip apart a diaper. but not just any diaper, a POOPY diaper!

it was on the floor. it was on the crib skirts and bumper pads. it was on the changing table drawers.
but that's not the worst part.

it was also on their legs.
and their hands.
and their clothes.


yes, that's right. my babies ate poop.

if i had been at home, i would have freaked out! and probably barfed too.

but Dallin is my HERO and he cleaned the girls up. then he cleaned up their bedroom. and when i got home from work, there was no trace of the awful "diaper incident."

see, aren't you glad there were no pictures?


  1. ugh!! Portia did that one time too, it was terrible! Way to go Dallin!

  2. Wow, Dallin is Super-Dad! What a day!

  3. super funny and gross. Probably more funny to me and more gross to dallin.