21 July 2010

this week

this is what dal is doing this week:

this is what i'm doing this week:

i think he got the better deal. don't you?

18 July 2010

modest is hottest

dear old lady patrons of the park center-

i appreciate your dedication to staying fit in your golden years. i enjoy watching you do water aerobics and march in the water to patriotic music. i can only hope that i am as active as you are when i'm 70 and 80 years old.

however, i hope i am infinitely more modest than you...

now, before you get offended, please let me explain.

dallin and i started coming to the community rec center to exercise. being pregnant, one of the only things i can do right now is swim. now, i love swimming laps, so i quite enjoy my time at the park center.
however, imagine my shock the first day i entered the locker room to see all of you ladies naked! some of you were small and skinny, others were not so small and not so skinny, but all of you were covered in wrinkles and rolls! none of which i wanted to see!
so, dear ladies, please, for the sake of all of us, use the changing rooms to change, and maybe you could shower at home next time? or at lease close the curtains that are provided in the shower room? i know you guys love to talk, but if you can't hear each other through those flimsy flower curtains, wait until you are done showering and all dressed again!
we are told all our lives that modesty is important, and even though you are old enough to do whatever you want now, i still think that modesty is as important as ever!
i'm pretty sure you don't want to see me naked, and as much as i admire you, i don't want to see you naked either!
so please, from the pregnant lady, do me a solid and keep all of that lovely skin covered up!



i copied this idea from a super creative friend of mine. visit her blog here.
while mine didn't turn out as cute as hers, i was pretty pleased with the result.
i bought the flip flops at joann's for $1.50 and the spool of black ribbon (i have tons left over too, for future projects) for about $3.00.
i made the flowers using this tutorial, except that i used about 15-20 inches of ribbon so that i could make the flower bigger.
then i super-glued the flowers to the top of the flip and that was it!

24 weeks