18 July 2010


i copied this idea from a super creative friend of mine. visit her blog here.
while mine didn't turn out as cute as hers, i was pretty pleased with the result.
i bought the flip flops at joann's for $1.50 and the spool of black ribbon (i have tons left over too, for future projects) for about $3.00.
i made the flowers using this tutorial, except that i used about 15-20 inches of ribbon so that i could make the flower bigger.
then i super-glued the flowers to the top of the flip and that was it!


  1. Becki they are way cute! Great job! Thanks for linking to my blog!

  2. Hey I did a post about projects that people have made based on my tutorials and ideas so I included these flip-flops.


    If you are interested, you can come over and grab a "featured on" button!

    Hope you and those darling babies are doing well!