20 January 2012

climbing champs

you know when you are busy doing getting ready for work and you can hear the girls running around and giggling, so you know that everything is fine? but then all of the sudden, you notice that everything got quiet so they are probably doing something they shouldn't?

exhibit a:
climbing up on the chairs where they shouldn't be. they are VERY proud of themselves:
(fiona left, sabrina right)

10 January 2012

hard at play

they learned how to text at a young age.
fiona (left) is probably on facebook &
sabrina (right) is probably tweeting:

fiona clearly loves to accessorize:

a favorite activity. 
pull all the dvd's out, 
wait til mom or dad puts them away and then pull them out again!

07 January 2012

pigs and ponies

the girls finally have long enough hair to pull back in pigtails and pony tails!  it's still very thin and doesn't include the hair on top, but i sure think that it's cute!



06 January 2012

little foodies

so apparently i take TONS of pictures of the girls eating! i guess i just don't think about pulling out the camera until they are pulling funny faces while they eat. which they do A LOT!
these girls crack me up!

sabrina purple, fiona pink:



sabrina pink, fiona purple (all below):

learning to use straws: