21 August 2012

Big Girl Beds

On Sunay night, we took the girl's mattresses out of their cribs and laid them on the floor. We put their same sheets on the bed, used the same blankets and pillows, crossed out fingers for good luck and put the girls to bed. They were a little (a lot) apprehensive and we ended up staying in there until they both fell asleep (it took 2 hours).

Needless to say, after this rocky start we were very worried that this transition would take a while, but lo and behold, when we put them down for naps the next day they let us leave and went right to sleep! And last night for bed and for naps today, they did the same!

We talked a lot with Sabrina and Fiona about how exciting it was to sleep in big girl beds and how proud we were. We told them how special and big they were getting and how fun it was going to be. And I think it's been a success so far! I'm sure not every bedtime or naptime will go as smoothly as these have, but the girls are so good at adapting that they mastered this so quickly!

I am continually amazed at how resilient and special these girls are. Not all days are easy, but the majority of the time these girls are little rays of sunshine in my day. They learn things so quickly, they are excited about new things, they aren't picky (remember how they would take any type of bottle or Binkie?), they are so kind to each other and quick to forgive me.

I'm so grateful for Fiona and Sabrina and how much they teach me and how much love they bring into our home.

On a normal day

Just a little bit of what we've been up to: Smiling, playing, looking cute, packing boxes for our move to Cottonwood Heights at the end of the month, and re-growing green onions (I'm most proud of this one).

13 August 2012


Last Saturday, on the 11th we went up to Jordanelle with the Burnham's for a ward activity. I didn't hardly get any pictures though. It wasn't as "beachy" as we were expecting, but the girls did ride on a boat for the first time and on the tube too! So we'll call it a success.

10 August 2012

Park City

At the beginning of August, we had the Barker family reunion in Park City. We stayed at the Brown's house up above Main Street. We had a great time talking and laughing. We took family pictures, held family Olympics, and played a lot of music. When all the big kids when on a bike ride, Jes and I took the littles to the resort and rode the carousel, and Emma had a plane ride. The girls loved playing in the hot tub (don't worry, we turned the temp down so it was really just like a lukewarm bath) and we went up to Silver Lake and wandered the boardwalk.

06 August 2012


We went to REI to get some big girl water bottles for the girls (we're trying to kick that sippy habit of theirs) and we got sidetracked by the bikes. The girls sure looked cute on them, but they are still a bit small. Maybe we'll check again near their birthday :)

01 August 2012


We went down to Yuba Lake at the end of July for the Robison family reunion and boy was it an adventure!
There was a lot of wind and a lot of sand, which resulted in us putting up and taking down our tent a few times and eventually ending up in Grandma and Grandpa's trailer the second night.
But we were camped right on the beach and the sand was so soft. The water was so shallow the the girls could just run around in it and they had a total blast. We got some tubing in behind the boat and when the wind really kicked up, I surfed the waves with Emilee and Sadie.
Good talks, good food, good trip!