24 April 2013

Spring Day

Back in mid-March, we had about a week and a half of fabulously warm weather in which we spent every day all day outside in the sun. We got pink cheeks and a few more freckles and thought we were in heaven.
And then it got cold again.
Talk about a tease, Utah!
But then today (and hopefully from here on out), we had some nice Spring weather! Warm sun, a light jacket, and some flip-flops. A perfect day for a walk through the neighborhood.
So Sabrina, Fiona, and I set out on a mission to see as many flowers as we could. In as many colors as we could find.
Along the way we saw a few bugs. The conversation is as follows:

Sabrina: Bug! Bug!
Fiona: Don't worry, I stomp it! (Stomp)
Sabrina: Bye bye bug!

And we had a lot of success in the flower department too. Lots of tulips and a few daffodils, some dandelions and other pretty flowers.

Me: What color flowers do you see?

And in other news, Dallin had his last classes today! He turned in his last two papers, took his last final and he is a COLLEGE GRADUATE!!! Wahoo! I am so incredibly proud of him and how hard he has worked to get through school. It's been a long, hard ride but he did it. And he did it with flair! He got a 4.0 GPA several semesters. What a rock star! He is my hero and my favorite person ever! Love you Hun!

In other words, today was a perfect day!


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  2. LOVE that they both support killing bugs :)

    And congrats to you Becky for putting Dallin through school. :)