10 May 2013

Deep Conversations- Vol. Uno

Sabrina and Fiona are quite the talkers!
They are always saying things that amaze me, either because of the words they are using, or the amount of thought put into it. 

The other night during bedtime prayers, Fiona prayed that we would be patient (she probably mostly meant me)!
Or the other day, Sabrina asked if she could wear garments when she went to the temple when she was bigger. 

We have funny conversations too!

Sabrina: Who tooted? It smells!.... It was me. 

Fiona, sharing chocolate ice cream with Dad: It's not poop, it's ice cream!

Or Sabrina explaining to Dad that they sleep in big girl beds now because their cribs are disassembled in the closet, due to broken batteries (Who knew cribs had batteries? I sure didn't!).

But as much as the conversations we have amaze me, there are some things that just need translation to anyone outside the family. Some words and phrases just aren't understandable to someone who isn't here every day. 

For instance:
"Baby apples": Pouches of applesauce
"Fruit kines": Fruit snacks (Includes fruit snacks, fruit ropes, fruit leather, etc.)
"Slip slops": Flip flops
"Sweep me": Sleep by me (What Fiona says every nap time, and every bed time.)
"Shur-lurr": Cereal ("Blue frosting shur-lurr"- Frosted Shredded Wheat- is their current favorite)
"Paga": Grandpa
"Maga": Grandma
"Paga and Maga White Car": Dallin's parents
"Paga and Maga Truck": My parents (Why they associate the grandparents with vehicles? I have no idea! But it works for them, so we go with it.)

I sure love these little ladies, and I can't decide what I love more: the big words coming out of these teeny girls' mouths, or the funny little phrases that we just can't seem to correct. I guess it can just be a tie for now! And I will probably be sad when they get bigger and Paga becomes Grandpa.

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