15 July 2012


The girls have started to make more friends lately. Maybe it's because I'm being more social or something so they feel okay with it too. The two friends that they hang out with the most are Van and Gus. Sabrina and Fiona LOVE these boys! They call the boys Bike and Guh Guh. Van is older and can already ride a two-wheeler bike. He is SO nice to the girls, always sharing snacks and giving hugs. Gus is just a little younger than the girls and so it is fun for the girls to have someone their size to play with. They follow each other around and jabber in baby language to each other. They all play in the pool together and share their lunches. I love that the girls have fun friends to play with!

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  1. So cute. What a special little post. My boys adore your girls just as much. :)