16 April 2010

i sure have talented friends!

i was trying to think of what i could post about because i know i've been slacking lately. but the dilemna is- we just shared our big news a post or two ago. all i've been doing lately is working (and who wants to hear about that???). we haven't gone anywhere fun lately (that i remembered to take my camera and get pictures...), etc.

so as i was looking at friends blogs, i realized that so many of the people i know are super talented! so this post is paying tribute to my friends who are so crafty and creative and lovely. some of them i haven't talked to in ages, but i want everyone to know how awesome i think they are!

mad photography skills!

being hilarious is definitely a talent:

these guys are crafty and creative in ways that i can only imagine!

and look who can cook!

obviously this was not a complete list, but just a sampling. but check these guys out and see how talented they are! they are so creative and talented that i can just copy their ideas instead of coming up with my own!


  1. Thanks for the shout out friends. I think you guys are great! Shine on you crazy diamonds!

  2. I just saw this post.... and I feel the same way, all I do is work.

    AND THANK YOU FOR THE SHOUT OUT! You are so sweet. I love you! I'm quite embarrassed of my blog though, I'm working on another blog to replace that one, but it's not ready. :) fyi.

    Thank you for your support and for telling people about me. I sure love you!

  3. Ohhhh! I feel so honored to be posted with all of your friends!

    Will you be at FHE/Dinner on Sunday? I want more baby details!

    :) I love you guys.

  4. you're so nice :) hope you're doing great!

    also, so funny that jana barker married a mark eliason! now there are at least 2 jana eliasons in this world :)