15 May 2011


fiona in her native headdress

sabrina- happy to be in the car (for once)

fiona- worn out!

fiona (left) & sabrina (right)- showing off their new trick!

sabrina (left) & fiona (right)

it's been an interesting few weeks as we adjust to the new place and new routine. since dallin is out of school for the summer, he is home all day with the girls. because he is home all day, i have been working longer (also, we're short staffed). some days it's especially hard because by the time i get home from work, we're both exhausted. and it seems like he gets to see all these new tricks the girls are learning while i miss them because i'm at work. but that is where we are in life right now and we just have to make the best of it. at least we don't have to send the girls to a sitter all day long!


  1. I love seeing pictures! They are getting so big! It's nice that Dallin can be home with the babes during the summer but I can see how hard it must be for you. Keep going and it will all be worth it! Miss you guys!

  2. Beck, your girls are darling. I would love to meet them someday. Hope your family is doing well! Miss you!!!

  3. I am so glad we got to see those sweet little things on friday! I cant wait to get together more! We love you guys SO much and cannot wait for Jackson!