12 May 2009

the beginning!

hey all!

this will be a short post. i'm on my parents computer, because we won't have internet til the end of the week, but i wanted to welcome everyone to the blog. we're just getting started obviously and i'm gonna try real hard to turn dal into a blogger too (we'll see how that goes)...

dal and i have been married for a week and a half now and we still love each other lots! being experts and all, we both agree that being married rocks!

we've been setting up our apartment in murray and getting it livable. pictures to follow in a later post. we love visitors, so please come by anytime.

for now, i'll just post a few pics of the wedding day. (and by a few, I mean like 50)


  1. gorgeous pics! i'll try to send you the pics asap. it takes forever though, so i'll have to do it when emma is sleeping... and it might be a few at a time! :) i agree that being married is the best! we're so happy for you! can't wait to see you at the reunion! :)

  2. Becks! congrats!!! I so wish I could have been there :( I want to see your dress!!