27 August 2009

opposition in all things

don't worry

we're still best friends [proof > or here]
we still love each other! [proof > neither one pushed the other off the top :) ]
we're happy as clams [ proof > really, there are clams...]


  1. I love the new main picture!.....you two are so cute and funny!! Love it!

  2. You are a photo shopping master :) or are you still using Paint? Go Cougars! that is true love, know the worst thing about someone and loving them anyway! just kidding Dallin I suppose there might be one or 2 things that could be worse than being a Ute. love you

  3. You're a brave woman for marrying a Utah fan :) I can't believe I haven't added you to my blog list yet! Doing so now :)

  4. LOL- a little competition never hurts!