30 September 2010

what we've been up to

after the fashion of a very funny blog i recently came across (thank you lauren), here are some of the things we've been up to lately.

we love feeling the babies move and wiggle:

pre-washing all the clothes the babies will be wearing:

studying our butts off (him for school, me for how the heck i'm going to do this! dallin doesn't have to study for that, we know he'll be an awesome dad!) :

in addition to all of this

i am: trying to get the girls room finished (so it looks like a baby room and not like a baby bomb exploded inside the spare bedroom) taking naps, taking baths to get the weight off my ever increasing middle section, doing regular laundry, trying to keep the apartment clean (who knew 2 people could be so messy! i'm in trouble once the babes come...), enjoying my time off of work, and wishing the babies would get here soon, etc.

dallin is: studying his tush off in school and getting good grades, observing teachers at granger high school for his education classes (and helping a little in the spanish class), trying desperately to get some sleep (which is pretty difficult these days because i can't get comfortable and he wakes up every time i move), working every night, being my awesome best friend, being an awesome husband, telling me he loves me, and wishing the babies would get her soon, etc.


  1. HAHAHA! I love the illustrations! Keep those babies in a little long. stay babies stay!

  2. Love the pictures!! I am just not that talented when it comes to paint...

  3. I LOVE the illustrations! You're so funny, Becki. "How to be a mom--for dummies." Trust me, you're no dummy!!! You've got this under control.