12 April 2011

when i'm worried and i can't sleep

today was one of those days where it seems like nothing went quite right. (you all have those every once in a while right?) so i thought about ranting about everything that went wrong, but i think instead, i'll write about good things instead. i think in 20 years when i look back, i'd rather read about good things and not bad :)

1- i have a job. it may not be the best, and some days it makes me cry, but it pays the bills and makes it so that Dallin doesn't have to work while he finishes school. because of my job we have health insurance and health savings.

2- we don't have any more medical bills. this means that other than my student loans, we are debt free. hopefully i will have those paid off too in just a few more years.

3- Dallin goes to school for free. right now he is elligible for grants that make it so he can actually go to school without going into debt.

4- we have awesome family that helps us so much! my mom and Dallin's mom watch the girls during those times that i have to be at work and dallin has to be at school at the same time. this means that we don't have to pay for babysitters.

5- we have 2 beautiful and healthy girls! sabrina and fiona are growing so much and showing us more personality every day. they can sit up on their own now and get just about anything to their mouth so they are starting to entertain themselves more. it is so much fun to watch!

6- we have the Gospel! this brings more blessings to our lives than we will ever deserve. and even though it is hard sometimes to keep up with everything we're supposed to, the Lord still rewards us for every bit of effort we put forward. even when things don't go according to our plan, Heavenly Father lays out another plan that is better for us. we just have to have faith that He knows what is best for us.

wow, i feel better already. much better than if i had spent this post complaining i think. i was laying in bed and couldn't sleep because i was so frustrated, but now that i have this all written down and i've had a chance to reflect on the good things, i feel a lot more at peace and i think i'll be able to sleep now.

sweet dreams all!


  1. Look at you taking the high road! I am proud of you. Your family is very blessed and your girls make me smile everytime I see them. Hang in there.

  2. I've had many of those nights too, wondering how on earth we were supposed to make it work. You're living good lives, doing what you're supposed to, and I've learned that goes a long way. Good luck!