22 May 2012

New York Day 5

Our last day in New York, I will always remember as our "You've Got Mail" Day.  That morning we went with Aunt Jan to eat at Cafe Lalo (Where Meg Ryan meets Tom Hanks there, but doesn't know that he's the one she's been talking to online) and had a delicious breakfast.  Then Aunt Jan and Kimball went off to the driving range and we went to Zabar's again (the grocery store in the movie) and then up to Riverside Park.  We saw all the boats parked off on the docks (another scene from the movie) and then we walked up to the park on Riverside and 91st Street (It's where Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks meet at the end of the movie. "I wanted it to be you so badly!)  Then we headed back to Aunt Jan's apartment to finish packing up and we headed to the airport.  We were so excited to see our sweet girls that night and missed them so much, but we had a great vacation!

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