09 June 2012

camping fail

At the beginning of June, we decided to take a camping trip down to Capitol Reef for a few days.  Dallin had an extra long weekend off of school and work, so we headed out on Friday morning and planned to come back on Tuesday.

Well, we got as far as Scipio and had to turn around because of car problems.  To make a long story short, what we thought might be a transmission problem turned out not to be.  We had to replace the radiator, both radiator hoses, the radiator cap, the thermostat, did a coolant flush and got our car back hundreds of $$ later.

Well, we didn't want to just head back home after packing up the car and getting all of the gear ready, so we camped Friday night at my parent's house in Lehi.  We set up the tent, barbecued for dinner, played around the backyard: in the pool and with the cat, and spent about 2 hours sleeping in the tent before we headed into a spare bedroom in the house because Fiona was sick and scared and couldn't sleep in the tent.  Sabrina slept like a champ though, even when we picked up her pack'n'play and carried it into the house with her in it.

We went to Cabela's the next morning, for Dallin's, Sabrina's, and Fiona's first time.  The girls especially loved the huge fish tanks and all the "taxedermized" (thank you Chuck Testa & YouTube) animals.
We both felt that even though our trip didn't go as planned, we still had a good time and did something different.

Then we overheated the car on the way back to Salt Lake and what would normally have been a 40 minute drive home took 3 hours.  It was awesome I tell you.  The girls were thrilled.  And then it took another week to have our car fixed. Thank goodness my parents are awesome and let us borrow my Dad's car for the week. I think the whole situation would normally have made me just bawl, but for some reason, the whole thing was just comedic to me.  A tender mercy from Heavenly Father, I think.  Either that, or those fat faces we made one post down were still making me giggle.

But we aren't giving up, we'll have better luck next time!

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  1. How horrible! Glad you were able to find humor, though! :/