07 January 2013

My goals for 2013

I am not one to usually set New Years resolutions. I tend to pick lofty goals that I know I will never achieve. But this year I have been thinking that my life has a lot if room for improvement, so I am going to set some goals in an effort to improve myself and my well-being. These will be things that I know I can achieve if I work daily at them.

1- Keep track of the books I read this year and branch out in the genres I read.
2- Become a more organized person. I want to be better about cleaning my house, cooking meals, and living in a more organized environment.
3- Spend more quality time with my girls. Spend less time figuring out how to get through the day and spend more time trying to enjoy it.
4- Read the scriptures daily with my family and by myself. Pray daily with my family and by myself.
5- Move the girls to big girl beds and potty train them before the babe comes in July. (This is less about improving myself and more about having fewer diapers to change.)

The idea behind my goals this year is that if I can become a more organized, more rounded and centered person, then I can live a happier, more content existence. If I can be happy with who I am and improve myself in ways that make me a better wife and mother, then I will spend less time focused on the things I don't have or need. I want to be a happier, more grateful person.