06 October 2009

The Success of Life

There are a few things I'm good at. Being a good cook, good looking and an awesome athlete. I know, I know I'm just being modest but let us be real, I'm successful at a lot more than that but I'll keep it brief.

Success is a strong word when used as flippantly as we use it today. For example, "Look at that guy he makes lots of money, he is successful." Or, "That is amazing! She must be successful at playing the banjo." And my personal favorite "You're successful! How do you do it?!?" To all of these I say, "Are you serious? That isn't success you nerd! Living is success!"

Now, I don't want to bore you with all of my philosophical or scientific, metamathematical mind blowing knowledge but hear me out. Some days I just think that it is a miracle that I just don't explode with joy, for my cup does runneth ore'. I believe that we as humans are a success. Sure, we don't like each other and we are in a constant state of trying to either kill each other or the very least obliterate one another but honestly there is good in the world.

I witnessed over the weekend that LIFE is not just a game we play on Sunday night with our families when we get bored but it is miracle that we live everyday. God is great and loves us, General Conference is a confirmation of that love. The prophets today really do want the best for us. I'm truly grateful for the love and blessings our Heavenly Father shows us daily, it is awesome!

Last night, my greatest joy Becki shared with me what compelled her to help a lady at her work get to the Trax station so she didn't have to walk or wait outside. Becki told me, "She looked like she had a hard life, she needed a friend and I just couldn't pass her by." WOW! And I thought I was awesome, the woman I married is 100 times the person I am(that is saying a lot considering how much I think of myself). Becki is an example of what she learned at General Conference, and I would hope that a person as vain and self-centered as myself could do something as noble.

The adventures never end at the Barker house and there are more to come. I have come to find that adventures are around every corner in our lives and we should be brave and take them on. Adventure is out there. Stay tuned for the next post of adventures and hilarious writings by yours truly. One Love.


  1. I can definitely see Becki doing something so kind and selfless. She has always been an amazing person! And you are right, we are truly blessed to have the Gospel and such wonderful leaders who care about each and every one of us and what we do. I love reading about your adventures with Becki, it inspires me to live my life to the fullest and enjoy everything I have been blessed with!

  2. Becki is awesome! always one of my favorite young women.

  3. She's pretty special, I've always thought so.