05 May 2010

it makes me so mad!

one of the most frustrating things about morning sickness:

eating something delicious, and then on the last bite, it makes you sick and then you barf it up!

it's happened twice now, and it makes me so mad! haha, i don't even feel sick until half way through the last bite and then i run to the bathroom to heave it up. poor dallin heard me moaning, "stupid, piece of crap!" both times after. he asks why and it's because i'm so mad that i lost my breakfast/ dinner. it was so yummy! he of course offers to make me another one, the sweetheart, but for some reason, i can't quite stomach eating the same thing again :)

morning sickness just ruins some foods for you!

P.S. Sorry for the overshare :)


  1. So, you're pregnant???!!?? Remember how we were supposed to be married friends..Well we might be living in Utah Valley for a while again, so we need to make that happen! Congratulations! I'm so excited for you guys. Let me know if you need anything!!! Lots of love, Mal

  2. don't worry! it won't ruin them for life :) humus and pesto were the same way for me... i craved them while i was pregnant and ate so much that they eventually made me sick and i never wanted to see or smell them ever again. But alas... I like humus and pesto once again :)

  3. I remember some things that made me sick and I still can't eat them! To this day, I can't stomach pizza from a restaurant in our town. I got sick from Cafe Rio too, but that was easy to recover from! I hope it doesn't last too much longer! Pregnancy really is amazing, I can't wait for #2!

  4. I haven't had a chance to say congratulations yet!!! Yeah for you guys. I feel your pain with food, it's absolutely miserable. Just keep your eye on the prize. Time can't move faster, but it can't move slower either. It will eventually be over.