27 May 2010

TWO baby girls are on their way!

Well, this was a shocker to us!
Here is the hilarious story of how we found out:

The night before our 1st doctor's appointment, I said to Dal, "What if we're having twins?" And then we laughed because that would be crazy. When we went to the doctor the next day, she showed us ONE baby and ONE heartbeat and we were super excited to be having ONE baby.

At our next appointment, around 14 weeks (just a little over 3 months), we heard ONE heartbeat again and were super excited.

Then, this past week, Dal and I were talking and decided that we should find out if we were having a boy or a girl. We figured that we were going to have to pay money to find out whether we did it now, or in two weeks, or in 4. So we set up an appointment at Fetal Fotos for 2 days ago (Tuesday).

We went in that morning and saw ONE beautiful baby on screen. We saw it yawn and scratch it's head. We saw it stretch it's little legs out and I felt it kick! But the adorable little stinker wouldn't show us if it was a boy or girl. After about 20 minutes or so of the ultrasound tech poking around, she apologized and said that we'd just have to come back a different day. She said that the baby would move around a lot in the next few hours and said that if we came back the next day we could probably find out what it was then.

So Dal and I set up an appointment for the next day (yesterday, Wednesday) to come back and try again. Well, by the time we got there we were just itching to know if we were having a boy or a girl! We were so impatient and just wanted to know! We had a different ultrasound tech this time, and as soon as she touched my belly with the little probe, she could tell there were TWO babies in there!

She asked us, "So, you know there are TWO babies in there, right?" We laughed, and said that that wasn't a very funny joke and that there was only ONE baby in my tummy. But she was pretty insistent and after a few, "YES, there are!" and "NO there aren't!" comments being tossed back and forth, she said, "LOOK, I'm NOT kidding here. There really are TWO babies in your tummy. See, here is ONE head and ONE heartbeat, and look over here, ANOTHER head and ANOTHER heartbeat!"

About then, Dallin and I started laughing really hard, in TOTAL shock. But she was right! We could see TWO babies in there! We asked her how the tech yesterday could have missed that, and she told us that the girl was pretty new and had just finished her training and probably couldn't tell that that is what she had been looking at. Or maybe one of them had been hiding behind the other one, so she just hadn't seen it at all. So then we asked her how our DOCTOR could have missed the "TWO BABIES IN MY TUMMY" thing, and she said that if the heartbeat's had been in sync (which is not uncommon), then it could have been overlooked.

At this point, she had me turn on my side to let the babies move around a bit and said she'd give us a few minutes to process things and then she left. Dallin and I just looked at each other in disbelief, laughed hysterically and just were in shock. We were NOT expecting there to be TWO babies in there. We have never even entertained the option!

The tech returned a few minutes later and pretty quickly discovered that one of the little beauties in there was a girl! Dallin got his girl! The other one took some more coaxing though and another tech to finally let us know that she was a girl as well!

So, in summary, there are TWO baby girls in my tum!

Later, as we watched the DVD they gave us, we looked for two babies in the ultrasound from the first day, and sure enough, now that we knew what to look for, we saw TWO babies. The poor tech from the first day probably just didn't know that was what she'd been looking at! No wonder she was confused! Haha, but at the same time, I'm glad she couldn't figure it out because otherwise, we still wouldn't know that we were having TWINS!

You guys are probably sick of me talking now, so here are the pictures:

Dal and I are super excited about this. We are super happy and realize that we are super blessed that Heavenly Father trusts us with two of his precious little ones at the same time. But we are also VERY nervous and VERY scared! I'm so glad I have a mom who had twins also, so she can help me out here! We are so grateful for all of your support and love and offers to help. We'll probably take you all up on them!


  1. AHHHh I am seriously so excited for you!! That is so crazy!!!! You guys are going to be such great parents!

  2. I will be scared for you if they both come out with red hair! Grandma Leona I think is laughing hysterically at the red she as already sent to us! Congrats that is totally crazy and totally amazing!


  3. That is so amazing! I am so jealous! I wish you the best of luck.

  4. holy cow! i don't even know what i would have done in that situation... my hysterical nervous laughter probably would have turned into hysterical nervous tears. congratulations! that is awesome!

  5. Ahhh, so excited for you! I don't remember how long ago it was, but I had a dream about you having twins (not sure if I left you a comment about that or not)! You'll be an awesome mommy, and two girls- that's stellar! I love that it was such a funny start to realizing there were two! Good luck girly girl!

  6. Oh My GOSH!!! Who finds out like that?! Only you becks!! Congrats!! All my friends are having twins right now! Crazy!!

  7. btw this is christin, somehow I am logged into tonys account

  8. That is amazing! Congratulations! And 2 girls, how lucky. They will be best friends! My cousin has little twin girls and they have so much fun together.

  9. Becki I am so happy for you! You are such a wonderful person and those two girls are going to be so lucky to have you as a mom! Congrats!

  10. I knew it. I just knew it. I was the one that said you were having twins -- granted, I was a little confused by your post. BUT I KNEW IT! Congrats. I'm so so very excited for you. I want twinners :) Lucky you. TWO GIRLS DAL! YAY!!!!

  11. That is so freaking awesome!!! I'm way excited for you guys! yay!!! TWINS!!!!!

  12. Beck! I'm so happy for you! Congrats!!Nicely done! I can't believe we're both mommies (almost) :)

    Miss you
    Good luck

  13. I've told you this once, and I'll tell you this again. I know you're going to be a super fantastically wonderful mama. I am so so happy for you two!! Love you!