16 June 2010

20 weeks!

Half-way there baby! Or should I say "Babies"...
Today marks 20 weeks!

Here are a few belly pics as requested.



The past few weeks, I've been growing a couple inches a week it seems like, and I feel way bigger than these pictures make it seem, haha. Oh and this week, I went from having an "innie" to an "outie" belly button! I'm hungry all the time, and thanks to these two sweet girls, I have license to eat whatever I want! I'm mostly past the morning sickness, although there is a day every once and a while where I don't do so well. (Ask the Barkers for more details on our recent hike, haha.) I feel good mostly, except that it feels like someone stuck a balloon in my belly and is blowing it up all the time!
Other than that, we are just super impatient and hope these next 4 months go by REALLY quickly because we love these girls so much already!


  1. Haha, good timing. I love LOVE it! You are so cute and I can't even tell you are pregnant. :) I can't wait for little stacy and katy to come out!!!

  2. OH my goodness!! you weren't kidding! it actually looks like you might have twins in there! you look GREAT!! see you tomorrow!!! :)

  3. so I am a little depressed looking at your pictures. You are still so tiny. I think I was that big at 14 weeks and I only had 1 baby :) love the belly pictures. They are super cute. can't wait to see these 2 beauties.

  4. AHH you're so cute! I'm so excited for you!

  5. Becki, you look so great! I couldn't be more happy for you!

  6. Very Cute! when I saw that first picture I thought that was the only picture and that was you at 20 weeks and I was like "HOLY CRAP" and then I read the captions! haha But you are still small. Everyone keeps telling me I am really small for how far along I am but I am pretty sure I'm bigger than you. But you look adorable!! I hope everything is going well with your pregnancy!! Loves

  7. OH my!! You look so so so so great! I love that motherly glow :) (or maybe it was the flash)...Hope you're doing well. I'm so excited for you.
    We don't leave until the middle of September, so there is STILL TIME!!!! I'd love to see you before then. Meanwhile, enjoy your pregnancy...if you're anything like me, you'll miss it and all the special treatment it comes with ;)
    Much love!

  8. You are the cutest pregnant girl I've ever seen (and I say girl, because woman sounds so old...we aren't old enough to be called women). You are going to be such a cute, fun mom!! I'm so excited for you! Once I started feeling Donovan in my belly, I was in love. I was excited to meet him, but part of me wanted to keep him in there so I could feel his little (and sometimes not so little) kicks and flips.

  9. How are you so tiny! And with TWINS no less!! You are so cute preggo :) I'm so excited for you!!