07 October 2010

man, i love this kid!

but how could you not, with a face like this?

dallin has to be the most patient person in the world (besides maybe my parents...), because putting up with me is not an easy thing!
but he does it.
and he does it marvelously!

so here's to you husband:

thanks for putting up with me waking you up 18 times a night
thanks for working so hard in school and at work
thanks for doing the dishes because my belly doesn't fit in front of the sink very well
thanks for putting up with awkward side hugs sometimes because front hugs don't work very well these days
thanks for all the kisses (good morning, goodbye, just because, hello, goodnight, just because, just because, etc.)
thanks for telling me you love me several times a day
and thanks for always making me laugh (see above pictures as proof. again, don't you just love that face?!)

love, wife

1 comment:

  1. That's so cute Becki! Here's to great husbands!