17 February 2011

4 month appt

dal & i took sabrina & fiona to their 4 month appt on Valentine's day.
sabrina weighed 13 lbs 2 oz (38 %)
fiona weighed 13 lbs 4 oz (41%)

they got their 4 month immunizations and handled it pretty well (except that sabrina was running a fever the next day, but she's all better now)

the doctor also said that they were ready to start eating solids. (i can't believe that they are already big enough for this!) so yesterday, they had their first cereal and they did pretty good once i figured out the best way to feed them. i'm definitely going to have to budget more time to feeding them solids though, haha because it is not nearly as fast as just giving them a bottle!

lately, we've been bathing the girls together. we moved them out of their little tub and into the big tub, so now there is room for both of them. they have a lot of fun splashing and wiggling!

we can definitely tell these girls apart, but we sure think they look alike! can you tell which one is fiona and which one is sabrina?

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