09 February 2011

4 months

can you believe these girlies are already 4 months old?
me neither!

we've really started to see sabrina & fiona gain their own personalities and it's so adorable!

- LOVES to suck on her fingers and hands. she'll even try to sneak a finger in while she's eating.
- purrs when she is asleep\
- bri is a scooter/wiggler! one night, i put the girls to sleep next to each other and the next morning, sabrina was upside-down!
- sabrina is very sensative to fiona. if fiona is upset about something, sabrina will be upset until fiona is okay again. we can tell she'll be the protector out of the two of them. we love that she is always watching out for fiona.
- giggled for the first time- january 21
- rolled over from tummy to back for the first time- january 23

- she's the queen of the quiver and the puppy dog lip.
- she's very coy. she loves to grab a burp rag and pull it up to cover her face. when we go to move it, she'll give us a huge grin.
- fiona loves to puff out her cheeks and swish air around in her mouth.
- fi is the BOSS! if she is mad, everyone better be mad with her! sabrina certainly follows her lead. on the flip side, if she is happy, she coos and giggles until everyone is laughing with her!
- giggled for the first time- january 20
- rolled from her tummy to her back- january 21

s & f:
- love to snuggle! i secretly hope they never get tired of this.
- they love each other. whenever they are laying next to each other, they are always touching hands or cheeks
- they are AWESOME sleepers! we put them to bed between 9 and 10 pm and they will sleep until 7 or 730 the next morning!
- they LOVE to giggle and laugh. this has to be the most adorable thing i've ever seen when they are both giggling at the same time! i seriously doubt there is anything cuter anywhere.

dal and i just love these girls so much! we are so grateful for everyones help and generosity. we are never lacking when it comes to help with watching the girls so we can have a night out. we appreciate you all so much!


  1. they are so beautiful! you sure know how to make pretty babies!

  2. They grow so fast, I don't think I'll ever be ready for that part! They are so adorable Becki!