13 July 2011

9 months old!

i can't believe these girls are already 9 months old!
they are such awesome girls! dallin and i are so blessed to have fiona and sabrina in our lives.
right now, during the summer, dallin stays home with the girls all day while i work. it's not ideal, but it works for us. dallin probably doesn't think so, but he does such a great job with the girls. they absolutely adore him! they smile and grin and giggle for him in a way that they don't do for anyone else! i love dal so much and i appreciate him for staying home with them.

now for a little about each girl:

-always has a ready smile
- LOVES to buzz her lips together
-loves to copy sounds we make
-likes to pull herself up to standing
-likes to put everything she can find in her mouth.
-can crawl really fast, but is usually more content to sit in one spot and play with a toy
-loves to EAT! this girl will eat anything we give her.
- has one bottom tooth that is about to break through, but hasn't quite gotten around to it yet.
-fiona is very emotional. if something is good, she's quick to give us a giggle or a smile. but she is also quick to frown or be suddenly ravenous and upset that we don't have food ready for her immedietely :)
-says mama, dada, nana, and baba (but at this point, i'm sure they're just sounds)

-loves to make funny faces.
-just had her first tooth break through in the bottom of her mouth.
-puts everything she can find into her mouth.
-very adventurous. anything she sees, she tries to climb (this has resulted in several bangs and bruises)
-doesn't ever want to sit still. she's always crawling somewhere as fast as she can.
-a little slower to smile, but if something happens that she loves, she'll give us a smile as big as her whole face.
-is a very good eater, but doesn't like peas or beans
-was the first to pull herself to standing.
- is very sensitive to how fiona is feeling. if fiona is upset, sabrina will either try to touch her and make her feel better, or she'll get upset too so that we'll pay more attention. if fiona is happy, sabrina will get very giggly and smiley too.
-says dada, mama, and nana (just sounds at this point too)

fiona & sabrina:
-love each other very much
- if we leave them alone together, they usually end up touching each other's faces and arms and giggling hysterically
-love the tub! they'd stay in there and play all night if we'd let them!
-sleep all night long (from 7:30 or 8 pm until somewhere between

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