10 July 2011

june 2011- food!

the girls are eating lots of real food now! they still drink bottles, but a lot of the time we have to sneak it to them when they are asleep. they'd much rather sit up and eat food than drink from a bottle.
most of the food they eat these days is from jars.
they like most fruits and fruit combinations except for peaches. they especially like apples and blueberries, pears and raspberries, and apple mango kiwi.
they love squash and sweet potatoes and corn, they will eat peas if we make them, but they refuse to eat beans. i don't blame them, have you tasted those things??
they also love oatmeal, applesauce and snacks. they love cheerios, cereal, crackers and yogurt puffs. and they especially love any ice cream or cake that gets sneaked to them!

we're working on sippy cups with them, but probably not as diligently as we should be. they enjoy them, but are still working on getting the hang of everything without spilling everywhere.

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